5 Styling Ideas for Wearing the EMILIA OHRTMANN Maria Shirt Dress in Denim

Get styling tips for wearing The Maria Shirt Dress in Denim for different occasions. 

Thursdays are for Styling and showing you new ways to style one of our wardrobe staples. This week we focused on the Maria Shirt Dress in Denim. We hope you are inspired and motivated to try something new. We can't wait to see how you confidently style your look in The Maria Shirt Dress in Denim.  

For the Maria Shirt Dress in Denim, we had the privilege of Liliana being our model in our video. Silke, our stylist, worked her magic and produced five different styles. 

The 5 Different looks showcased in the video where our star item is the Maria Shirt Dress in Denim.

  • For a minimalistic look, you simply need the Maria Shirt Dress in Denim and a pair of flat shoes. In the video, Liliana wore a pair of tan slip-on shoes.
  • For a more out and about town look. The Maria Shirt Dress is paired with heels and gold jewellery, so if you're meeting friends for coffee, all you need to do is add a sling bag, and you're ready! 
  • Want something a bit more dressy than casual. Start with the Maria Dress in Denim, ankle boots, a belt, and accessories with gold jewellery to create look three.
  • Keeping on-trend, The Maria Shirt Dress with trendy sneakers, and the final touch is a peak cap.
  • An evening out and The Maria Shirt Dress in Denim is perfect when worn with a pair of black leggings, a jacket, and a cute hat.

What is a shirt dress?

A shirt dress has a history dating back to the 1940s in America, and it has become timeless due to its versatility and ability to evolve with trends and fashion. It has the ability to make you feel elegant and confident when wearing it.

What makes a shirt dress so versatile? Especially The Maria Shirt Dress in Denim?

The shirt dress can take you from day to evening. Stylish through all seasons. Casual to more formal, it can be styled for the occasion. Our video certainly proves just that! We did not even mention that The Maria Shirt Dress in Denim can be worn over a costume at the beach. See, so many options.

 That is why The Maria Shirt Dress in Denim is ideal as the capsule wardrobe. Read more about Capsule Wardrobes.

Thank you to our Model and Stylist for The Maria Shirt Dress in Denim styling video.

Liliana, our gorgeous model, can be found on Instagram at @limited_edition_liliana 

We Love Silke's style and her Styling. For more information on her styling work, please visit her website www.silkestyles.com 

To start off with the look you can order your own Maria Shirt Dress by clicking here.

Happy Styling!