Simple yet beautifully structured, the EMILIA OHRTMANN line is the embodiment of minimalism, with its monochromatic colour palette and a modern yet timeless appeal.

Clean lines and tactile tailoring ensures that the pieces are flattering and functional, and easy to dress up or down, they make the perfect wardrobe essentials.

Created from high quality natural vegan and certified organic fibres, EMILIA OHRTMANN’s classic range is designed to stand the test of time.

Quality that is made to last and a style that will never date.



EMILIA OHRTMANN is on a mission to help women around the world to live their lives with confidence, energy and positivity by delivering minimalistic, high quality fashion essentials right to their doorstep.



It's Emilia's passion to support women to find their unique confidence. Her love of fashion, interior design and fabrics started at a very young age, and she knew that she would one day have her own clothing brand. 

With EMILIA OHRTMANN, she wants to help women feel confident by wearing it. Every piece has a unique story behind the design inspired by events and people in her life. They have a clear or hidden message to encourage you to be the best you can be and live your life with confidence. 

Emilia's mission is to help you feel confident, not only through fashion but in all areas of your life. As a mother of four, she loves to support mothers and their children by giving back to charities that provide education to all children worldwide.



Emilia's inspiration for her clothing brand was re-ignited while writing her book "It's Your Life - How to Choose Confidence". The book is about how she chose confidence and her own life and how she follows her dreams and how you can do it too. During the writing process, she realised however that she had postponed to follow one of the biggest dreams she always had - to become a fashion designer and to bring more beauty and love into this world. Inspired by her journey and those of the women around, she took her own advice and "Just started".

Emilia incorporates her love of the colour white, minimalism, and her vision for a better world into creating simple, sustainable, vegan and long-lasting pieces perfect for a capsule wardrobe.

Follow Emilia on her fashion journey via her Instagram account.