The founder Emilia Ohrtmann is the author of It's Your Life - How to Choose Confidence as well as the podcast co-host of the Mums in Biz Podcast. It is her passion to support women finding their unique confidence.

Since a very young age she loved fashion, interior design as well as fabrics and she knew she would one day have her own clothing brand. With EMILIA OHRTMANN she wants to help women feel confident by wearing it. Every piece has a unique story and a message, either obvious or hidden. Her style is minimalistic with a lot of white and black and she chooses high quality, vegan fabrics.

It is Emilia's mission to help women feel confident, not only through fashion but in all areas of their lives. As a mother of four she loves to support mothers and their children by giving back to charities who provide education to all children around the world.

Follow Emilia into her world of fashion or have a look at what else she does on www.emiliasjourney.com as well as her Instagram account.