Corozo Vs. Plastic Buttons: Why EMILIA OHRTMANN Chooses Corozo Buttons

Ever paused to think about the buttons on your clothes?

Smaller than a coin, but carrying a weight that could tip the scales of our planet's future. Let's explore this fascinating subject.

Buttons Uncovered: Fashion's Little Element with Big Impact

Traditionally, the humble button, has largely been made of plastic. Cheap to make and long-lasting, they've been the industry's default option.

But here's the catch: when discarded, these little pesky things can take up to 1,000 years to decompose, feeding into the ocean of microplastic pollution we're battling with daily. Imagine that, a button outliving us all!

Meet Corozo: Your Wardrobe's New Eco-friendly Must Have

Here's the good news: There's a greener alternative knocking on fashion's door – Corozo. Born from the tropical tagua palm, Corozo, also known as 'vegetable ivory,' is fashion's super sustainable star.

Corozo buttons
The best part? Not only are Corozo buttons totally natural and chemical-free, but they're biodegradable too. Plus, they bring a unique flair to your ensemble with their individual grain detail. Talk about fashion forward!

Why EMILIA OHRTMANN is Swapping Plastic for Corozo

Each of us has the power to drive change by making mindful decisions. By opting to replace plastic buttons with Corozo buttons makes us feel good knowing our fashion pieces are making a small yet significant impact.

1. Environmentally Friendly

Corozo buttons take center stage with their eco-friendly nature. Made from the seeds of the tropical tagua palm, not only is their production process 100% natural and chemical-free, but they're biodegradable too. Say goodbye to guilt trips and hello to a cleaner conscience!

2. Beautiful and Unique Aesthetics

Each Corozo button flaunts a distinct, natural grain that adds a touch of charm to your outfits. The intricate patterns found in Corozo result in eye-catching buttons, making sustainable fashionistas swoon.

3. Durability and Longevity

Don't underestimate this tiny wonder. Our little friend Corozo not only offers unique style but also serves as a hard-wearing companion. Thanks to their high resistance to impact and wear, Corozo buttons will accompany you through countless adventures.

4. Local Community Support

As Corozo is harvested from tagua palms and is a more sustainable option, choosing Corozo buttons also aids in providing employment and livelihood opportunities to local communities that cultivate the seed. Talk about fashion with a purpose!

5. Resistant to Moisture and Laundry Disaster

Corozo buttons won't disappoint in the laundry department. Since they are naturally resistant to moisture and thermal changes, you can throw your garment in the wash without worrying about button damage. Unbelievable, right?

6. It’s a renewable resource

No trees have to be cut down. And once mature, a Tagua tree can produce up to 25 kilograms of nuts, for over a hundred years.

EMILIA OHRTMANN Pieces That Embrace Corozo

Stella Blouse in White


Juliette Blouse in White 

Kate Shirt in Pink & White Stripes

Audrey Shirt in Linen

It might seem like a little thing – swapping plastic buttons for Corozo. But hey, it's these tiny steps that lead us toward creating a big impact.

So, are you ready to button up sustainably?

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