Decluttering Your Wardrobe for a Fresh Start

New Year, New You! Decluttering Your Wardrobe for a Fresh Start

Lockdowns, work-from-home and home-schooling throughout the world have meant many people have lived in loungewear, making January 2022 the perfect time to relook at your wardrobe and find inspiration.

The beginning of the year is always the perfect time to re-evaluate and declutter, with your wardrobe being the first place to get started. Feeling empowered and taking control of your life is just one of the reasons it is essential to clean out your wardrobe.

Confidence, for us, is the ability to pick an outfit from your wardrobe and know you will feel great when you put it on.

Why Declutter?

    1. First of all it will make you feel amazing! You will not only free up space in your wardrobe but also in your mind.

    2. And most importantly for your wardrobe, time and effectiveness, when you only have the things you actually need and wear in your wardrobe you will get dressed quicker and better. This will give you confidence and happiness in the morning and you will start your day right.

    3. You will create a more sustainable wardrobe. By knowing what you have in your wardrobe and what you need you will make more conscious choices when buying new items.

    4. Lastly it will make you feel good to give. You will make someone else happy and that is still the best feeling.

How to Declutter Your Wardrobe

  1. This rule Emilia uses every January when she declutters her home and wardrobe: If you have not worn the item in the last year, let it go! Of course, when there are items that are season-specific or event-specific, this may need to be stored away. But only after you have asked the ruling question: when have I last worn this?

    Remove any emotional attachments you may have when decluttering your clothing items. If you have not worn an item of clothing within that year the reality is you will not wear it in the near future and it is taking up unnecessary space. Donate it or sell it to someone else and you will make another person really happy and the item will see it's second life! Trust me, it will bring you so much joy as well!

    Oh, and do not keep clothing in your wardrobe that you want to wear for "when" you lose a dress size. Let's be honest, how long have you been telling yourself that? You will feel more confident in your clothing if it fits well.

    For the items you are really really unsure about, put them in a box inside your closet and keep them there for three months. If you still haven't worn them after three months: give them away.

  2. Now that you have decluttered your wardrobe and you have freed yourself, keep it that way!

    This is something Emilia has done for years: when you buy something new, give something else in your wardrobe away. Make room for that new item! If you stick to this you will keep a clean and tidy wardrobe, you will find your things and you will want to wear what it is inside.

Some rules to help you declutter

  1. Clothes should be comfortable. Complimentary to your body shape and tone. Clothes should be versatile and make you feel better about yourself throughout your day or evening ahead. Anything, that does not fit this criteria should go. Even if your clothes look good, but you aren't comfortable, you will never feel at ease about yourself, and that will not project the confident, amazing person you are.
  2. Check your clothes correctly and if clothes are torn, out of shape, faded, have a button missing or need any sort of fixing, then it is time to take control. If possible and you will wear them again, get them fixed now. Otherwise get rid of them.
  3. Try everything you are not 100% sure about on! You will immediately know what's right and what to do with it.
  4. You could decide on a set number of items you want to have per style and take it from there.
  5. If you are not sure about an item, keep it in your box for three months and if you haven't worn it within the next three months, give it away.
  6. Get rid of duplicates. Make a realistic choice on how many items you need in a similar style and if you have more than that, only keep your favorites and the ones that are in best condition.
  7. Just because it was a gift, does not mean you need to keep it.

 How to Get Rid of Clothes 

It might seem like a colossal task to declutter but believe us, the best is to just start and go for it. Take one day and pull everything out. When you are done, you will feel amazing. If that really is not possible our best advice is to start with one closet (if you have more than one) or one shelf per day and work through it all systematically and slowly.

Remember you can sell your clothes, thrift amongst your family and friends or like Emilia's family does after their annual declutter, choose to donate to the less fortunate.

Do it together with a friend, your partner or professional stylist! Your friends do not have the same emotional attachment to your clothes and will be a lot more objective. And it is fun at the same time.

Now, first things first. Breathe in and breathe out. Then, face your wardrobe, take control of the decluttering process and create a confident space for your new wardrobe.

Enjoy! And do send us a message when you are done. xx