EURONEWS Interviews Our Founder Emilia Ohrtmann

Euronews interviewed our founder Emilia Ohrtmann in her studio in Dubai to talk about her passion for helping women find their confidence and how she started her very own designer fashion label, EMILIA OHRTMANN.

Emilia’s love of fashion and clothing started at a young age when she would cut up her clothing and redesign them. With a career that spans two countries and different industries, it was only when she wrote her book, It’s Your Life, did she come to realize that she wasn’t living her dream and so she took her passion and started her own fashion design business.

Our multitalented CEO continues to encourage and inspire us as she lives by her mantra of living a life of confidence.
Watch the interview with Euronews  to learn more about the many layers of EMILIA OHRTMANN.


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EuroNews Interviews Emilia Ohrtmann

A very big Thank You to Euronews for the feature.