How To Create 12 Looks from 7 Essential Wardrobe Pieces

Essential Pieces for A Minimalistic Wardrobe 

Popularised in the 1980’s by American Fashion designer, Donna Karen, the capsule wardrobe trend has seen a resurgence over the past few years with people striving to make better choices.

EMILIA OHRTMANN’s classic items, created from high quality natural vegan and certified organic fibres, are mindfully designed to work in harmony together and curate timeless and classic looks that don’t cost the planet.

With careful assembly and clever styling, the capsule collection can be mixed and matched to create a treasure trove of outfits for every occasion. And in our  nomadic world, the minimalistic approach takes the stress, and the excess baggage, out of packing.

12 Looks from 7 Essential Pieces

Day Look Ideas:

The Arienna Trousers paired with the Cara Tank Top and sneakers.

Arienna Trousers and Cara Tank

The Jacky Dress with sneakers.

Jacky Dress
The Amaia Dress with Denim Jacket (not for sale...yet.)
Amaia Dress with Denim JacketCosima Shorts with Cara Tank and the Layal Cardigan.Cosima Shorts with Cara Tank and Layal Cardigan

Office Look Ideas:

Arianne Trouser with Audrey Shirt and Tank Top.
Arienne Trousers with Cara Tank and Audery Shirt

Jacky Dress with Layal Cardigan.
Jacky Dress with Layal Cardigan

Weekend Look Ideas:

The Amaia Dress with sneakers.
Amaia Dress

 Cosima Shorts with the Audrey Shirt.Cosima Shorts with the Audrey Shirt

The Cosima Shorts with Cara Tank.
The Cosima Shorts is the essential wardrobe shorts. The soft linen makes it simple to dress up or down and  perfect for everyday wear during the summer. The  Cosima Shorts are available in three colours: Beige, White & Black.

Evening Look Ideas:

The Jacky Dress.

Jacky Dress

Arianne Trouser with Cara Tank and Layal Cardigan.

Arianne Trouser with Cara tank and Layal Cardigan

The Amaia Dress with heels.
Amaia Dress in BlackThere you have 12 Looks from 7 Essential EMILIA OHRTMAN wardrobe pieces.

Here's what you need to add to your shopping list to get our looks:

1. Layan Cardigan
2. Cara Tank
3. Audrey Shirt
4. Cosima Shorts
5. Arienne Trousers
6. Jacky Dress
7. Amaia Dress

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