How to Style your Julia Mini Skirt for all Occasions

Our Styling videos keep us inspired and we hope they do the same for you. The Mini Skirt is back and yes you can wear it with confidence.

The star of the week is the very trendy Julia Mini Skirt and Silke, the owner of Silke Styles, shows us a few ways we can wear this with wardrobe items we have at home. 

Different styling options featuring the Julia Mini Skirt. 

You will need your Julia Mini Skirt. Accessories and shoes from your closet and of course, you will need your beautiful self!

  • For a morning casual look, the Julia Skirt with the Laura Tank and The Elise Blouse unbuttoned over the tank and a pair of flats is perfect. The great thing about this look is that in a few seconds you can go from casual to smart-casual by simply changing your shoes to a smarter pair of flats or don some heels and tuck in the Elise Blouse. Super quick, super chic. 
  • The office look is achieved by putting on a black blazer and pair of statement earrings with your Julia Mini Skirt.
  • The great weekend look in our  Julia Mini Skirt can be achieved by wearing a white cotton shirt (Like our Kate shirt) and a denim jacket, with a pair of white tennis shoes or your favourite sneakers.
  • Meeting friends for a coffee? Why not put your Ally Shirt in Denim on, grab a stylish hat and flat shoes and you are ready to have fun with your friends.
  • Not to forget an evening event. The Julia Mini Skirt, Black Camisole with the Layal cardigan is completed with a belt and a pair of high-heeled shoes. Clearly the day to night transformation is as easy as one, two, three, heals!

Can I wear a Mini Skirt?

With a history dating back to the ’60s, the mini skirt has definitely come in different styles and lengths. We hope that our styling video has cleared up any uncertainty of where and how to wear a mini skirt. The Mini Skirt is here to stay and the Julia Mini Skirt (inspired by Julia Roberts in Pretty Women) will be able to take you through all the seasons and occasions, never letting you down!

And our styling video definitely showcases why The Julia Mini Skirt is needed for the ultimate capsule wardrobe. Find out more about why it’s essential to strive for a capsule wardrobe.

Thank you to our Model and Stylist for our Julia Mini Skirt styling video.

Rania Hussant our beautiful model is a Mother of five. Currently a Life Coach and Conscious Parent Educator. Aspiring Writer and a passionate reader. Previously an Elementary Teacher. 

We Love Silke's style and her Styling. For more information on her styling work, please visit her website 

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Happy Styling