Power of Love

The Power of Love 

EMILIA OHRTMAN  is honoured to release the ‘Power of Love’
t-shirt this Valentine’s Day in collaboration with JOJOS ARTHOUSE , to celebrate love in all forms and the two brands’ commitment to encouraging confidence, self-love and happiness.

The limited-edition organic cotton t-shirt featuring a heart design consisting of love and power infused symbols and all star signs has been designed by Jojo, Founder of JOJOS ARTHOUSE.

Each t-shirt comes with a red fabric pen so the owner can personalise the design to their preference, ensuring that each piece is completely unique and also in line with Emilia's and Jojo’s values around mindfulness.

The Power of Love Artwork

All proceeds from the sale of the collection will be donated to The Big Heart Foundation - a philanthropic foundation with the mandate to protect and empower vulnerable children and their families in vulnerable situations across the world.

To launch this initiative we had a super fun morning with ten amazing women and we asked them to tell us what The Power of Love means to them.

JoJo Chappel - The Power Of Love

JoJo Chappell

Jojo is an Artist, happiness guru and Founder of Jojos ArtHouse.
She has a passion for using Art as a “tool” to empower, express and bring happiness to all who she teaches in her Workshops, Parties, as well as through her own Art and Design.

Jojo is a lover of colour and believer in mindfulness and this ripples through everything she does. Her style is contemporary, vibrant and abstract. She likes to communicate to all through her creations.
Following her Manchester University Art degree, Jojo built a career in London and Dubai.

After founding London's “Festival of Happiness”, it reaffirmed the power of combining mindfulness with her own passion, art. Jojos ArtHouse was born and Jojo has never looked back.

What does the Power of Love mean to you?

I believe the ‘Power of Love’ has no limits! Like art, I believe it is a universal language and is for everyone, it is based around not just communication but a feeling you get...Love is totally magical and has the power to make change.
Emilia Ohrtmann - Power of Love T-shirt

Emilia Ohrtmann

Meet our Founder Emilia of EMILIA OHRTMANN and the author of the book It's Your Life. It is her mission to help women feel beautiful and confident about themselves and their lives. If she can help provide safe environments and education for women and children around the world a little bit through her work one of her biggest dreams has come true.

What does the Power of Love mean to you?

I feel that love is most important in and for life. When it comes to love we are all equal. We all strive for love, to give love, to be loved and to love ourselves. I also feel that with love everything is possible and it can overcome borders. Unfortunately too many of us get distracted and I want to remind all of us of the power of love, to love more - not only others but also ourselves. The most powerful and strongest love is the love of a mother and father for their children. There we can see what is possible, anybody can love and that’s something that we need to remind ourselves and others.

IG @emiliaohrtmann

Ritchel - The power of love t-shirt

Ritchel Ricafort

Ritchel is 35 years old and originally from the Philippines but has worked as a nanny, maid and AuPair in Lebanon, Qatar, Denmark, Norway and Dubai since she was 16 years old. Ritchel has a love for children, cooking and traveling. She loves to learn about different cultures and is always open to meeting new people from different backgrounds. She is looking forward to starting her own family in the future. Thank you to EMILIA OHRTMANN and Jojos ArtHouse, it is my pleasure to extend my gratitude to be part in this one of a kind endeavor.

What does the Power of Love mean to you?

Loving your family is the greatest form of love for me. Wherever you go, your family and their love is always home and the place to turn to.


 Silke - The Power of Love T-shirt

Silke Ahlden

I’m Silke, made in Germany, but raised in Central America, mainly in Guatemala, where I spent all my childhood. I moved a lot as a child and continued doing so with my own family. This gave me the opportunity to live in places like New York, Miami, Singapore, Brazil and now Dubai. I’m the mom of two beautiful young women that I can proudly call my daughters and are my close companions in life. Together with them and my husband for over 30 years we have been a close and strong team, where love was definitely the engine and the glue.

What does the Power of Love mean to you?

The power of love means trust, faith, commitment and safety to me and I wish that every human can experience it.

IG: @silke_styles

 Liliana - The power of Love t-shirt

Liliana Zaragoza

I am a mom of three, teen boys. I am from Mexico, but I haven’t lived there since I was twenty years old. Dubai has been my home for the past 13 years.
I started becoming “an influencer”, because I was going through a health struggle. Little did I know that five years later, I would still be passionate about it, and still fighting through pain! I am also a full time artist. I love doing both, because both get me out of my comfort zone.

What does the Power of Love mean to you?

It’s what wakes me up every morning, what keeps me going and what makes me smile before I sleep very night.


Rania - The power of love t-shirt

Rania Hussant

Mother of five
Currently a Life Coach and Conscious Parent Educator 
Aspiring Writer and a passionate reader.
Previously Elementary Teacher 

What does the Power of Love mean to you?

For me love is more than a sentiment. It is a practice of giving forgiving and embracing the feelings we have. It is ever changing and evolving. It is cultivated through care and attention. Love brings humanity together which can build better generations in the future. 

IG: @raniahussant

Emily - The power of love t-shirt

Emily Lidén 

My name is Emily. I am from France, I have lived in Dubai on and off since 1995. Dubai is our home away from home, where I raise my two girls with my Swedish husband.

I am a blogger / digital creator behind a sunny little place on the web, called Dubai Our Sandbox.

A lifestyle, travel and family content, Dubai Our Sandbox is an informative and inspirational destination for modern mamas.

I started Dubai our Sandbox as a creative outlet, when I was a first time mum and did not go back to my job as a designer. I have a BA in Communication Design from Parsons School of Design NY. I enjoy writing (despite english not being my first language) and I love working with photography. This combination
took me into editorial design, communication design, blogging and social media.

What does the Power of Love mean to you?

The power of LOVE is … Love is always the answer.

IG: @dubaioursandbox

 Elizabeth - The Power of Love t-shirt

 Elizabeth Kioko

Elizabeth is originally from Kenya and has lived in Dubai for 3 yrs. she works as a waitress at Surf House, Dubai. Elizabeth has a passion and love for African Artisans and currently her creations are being sold at Surf House

What does the Power of Love mean to you?

Elizabeth believes “Love has the power to do anything”


Aseya - The power of love t-shirt

Aseya Nasib

Aseya Nasib is an Emirati-American body love and empowerment coach, soul-led entrepreneur, and mental wellness advocate. Through a combination of holistic and traditional practices, she teaches women how to harness the transformative powers of self-love and self-acceptance in order to create and live their best lives.

As a firm believer that mental wellness is a right and not a luxury, Asia runs regular community breathwork and meditation sessions and is passionate about sharing her personal history with mental illness.

What does the Power of Love mean to you?

The power of love opens up infinite possibilities. When you look at

IG: @helloaseya

Natalie - The Power of Love T-shirt

Natalie Hobbs

Natalie moved from Sydney, Australia, to Dubai five years ago with her husband and two children. Having lived in the UK and Canada in her 20s, Natalie hadn’t planned on living overseas again and so it was a very reluctant move to the desert with her then 2 and 4-year-old girls. Initially very unhappy here, fortunately it didn’t take too long to settle in and within 6 months she never wanted to leave!

When looking for part-time work, Natalie discovered there weren’t a lot of opportunities. So instead, she decided to do something completely out of her comfort zone (and work experience!) and start a business. A few months later, Natalie saw a Facebook ad for period-proof underwear (the first time she’d ever come across such a product), and the rest is history!

It’s now been 3.5 years since Natalie introduced Modibodi to the UAE. Dedicating her time and energy to helping build awareness of Modibodi, and leveraging the support of many wonderful women here in the UAE, Natalie has successfully helped more than 5,000 women significantly reduce their use of single-use disposable products, and at the same time empowering girls and women across the Middle East. No longer do we need to miss out on activities such as swimming, running on sport when we have our period. Girls never need to worry about rushing out of class in fear of embarrassment, no need to worry about leaks, being caught unexpected or feeling that we have to be house-bound when we have our period. Women can start or continue to exercise with confidence, even with light bladder leaks and mild incontinence - and not have to rely on uncomfortable, awkward pads and panty liners.

What does the Power of Love mean to you?

For me, the Power of Love is what gets you through when times are tough, and makes the good times so much better. It begins with self-love, and if we are lucky enough and it’s what we want, love for your partner and your children, and to be loved. It’s certainly not a bed of roses or easy, but without it, my life would be empty.


Akemi - Photographer

Akemi Hoshi

I am a Dubai-based natural light photographer from Austria who specializes in family, couple and newborn photography. I am passionate about pretty light, real human connections, in-between moments and raw landscapes.

As a photographer, my goal is to preserve your moments, feelings and interactions by creating images with authentic emotions. I am drawn to capturing your joy, love and connections.

We would like to thank Akemi for her amazing work. To see more of her, please visit www.akemihoshi.com 

IG: @akemihosiphotography