Styling Your Celine Blouse

Different Ways to Wear Your Celine Blouse

The Celine Blouse is an oversized cut that is made from Cupro and cotton, which gives you a plush feel and luxurious look. Keeping to our motto of delivering minimalistic, high-fashion essentials.

In this video the stylist Silke Ahlden shows you how she would style the Celine blouse from morning to evening on our beautiful customer Kathi.

In this video Emilia Ohrtmann takes you through styling your Celine Blouse and why the Celine Blouse is one of her favourite blouses to have in your closet.

Put on your Celine Blouse

  • The sleeves can be folded up regularly or you can roll it up with the cuff showing. 

  • Tucked in partially for a relaxed look or completely for a more formal look.

  • The top of the Celine Blouse can be folded to create a V-neck look.

With the above options, it's just a matter of putting your personal touch and style to it with the help of some accessories, shoes.

Did you know that the Celine Blouse comes in a Blush Pink? Yes, click HERE to take a look.

What Makes the Celine Blouse so amazing? 

The Celine Blouse is designed so that it suits everyone. It is a Blouse that allows for casual or smart styling. When worn with a suit or blazer not only is it stylish. You can confidently take off your Blazer or suit jacket and still look professional. The Celine Blouse can even be worn with a pair of shorts. The ability to be worn in a professional or casual capacity is what makes the Celine Blouse a timeless classic in our eyes.

Will the Celine Blouse in Blush Pink suit me?

As Emilia discusses in the video it is a colour that is complementary to different skin tones and hair colour and thus allows for you to try something different. 

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Happy Styling!