The Complete Guide to Sustainable Clothing Care - and Sustainable Living

How to make your EMILIA OHRTMANN clothes last longer

At Emilia Ohrtmann we believe that small changes in our daily lives lead to big changes in the future. With that being said, how can we make that change? Here are a few suggestions to care for your clothing and the environment. 

What is Sustainable Clothing Care?

Sustainable Clothing care means that you clean and care for your clothes so they last longer, and you help care for the environment by not adding to clothing landfills, consuming less water and polluting with less cleaning products.

Sustainable clothing care starts with choosing eco-friendly garments, classic styles over short-lived trends, quality fabrics and making clothes last longer.

But how can we contribute to making our clothes last? At EMILIA OHRTMANN, not only do we offer you sustainable and high-quality minimalistic pieces, we also give you ten sustainable clothing care tips!

How to Wash Your Clothes the Eco-Friendly Way

Eco-friendly detergents are not only good for the environment and your clothes, but they are also generally better for your skin. So forgo the fabric softener and use dryer balls instead.

Hand wash as much as possible. If that's not always an option, instead, we suggest using your front loader washing machine to choose a cold wash with a light spin cycle.

Turn your clothing inside out before washing. This will protect the fibers on the fabric's visible side. Also, ensure that your washing machine is not overloaded. It causes friction and can damage even the not-so-delicate materials. Only put similar materials together into the wash in order to avoid damage.

Delicates should be put in mesh washing bags and zipped up. You can even use a knotted or tied pillowcase for your delicates.

How to Dry Your Clothes the Eco-Friendly Way

When it comes to drying your clothes, hang and air dry as much as possible. Tumble driers are notorious for significant energy consumption, and let's be honest, the smell of air-dryer laundry is unique.

With Jersey's wool and jumpers laying them flat on a towel allows for a natural non stretched garment.
If you are in a country where you must resort to the tumble dryer, remove clothing before the end of the drying cycle. Not only do you save on electricity, but you're also saving the lifespan of your clothes. Use eco-friendly dryers.

Steam instead of iron. Why use a steamer instead of an iron?
Steamers can be used on a wider variety of fabrics and unlike a hot iron that can easily burn or damage the fabrics, steamers don't come into direct contact with your clothing.

How to Store Your Clothes the Eco-Friendly Way

Hang up clothes after they have been washed, and save time.

Storing your clothes in a cool, dry place means you extend the lifespan of your clothes by preventing exposure to sunlight, moisture, and heat.
With these 10 simple tips for sustainable clothing care, you can keep your clothes looking good and wearable for years to come.


"Durability begins with a designer’s selection of materials – and ends with each consumer’s care and attention."

And in the words of Vivien Westwood

 “Buy less, choose well, make it last” - Vivian Westwood quote

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