The Inspiration Behind Our Aya Dress

Imagine the perfect holiday, for Emilia,  it would include the ocean, sun and sand (and some adventure) and that is where the heart of inspiration for the Aya dress lies - on the white-washed beaches of Greece.


Many years ago, Emilia took a summer holiday with her sister to the Greek islands. All the houses were super white and they loved to explore all the little cafes, restaurants and bars that the island had to offer. They spend time at the beach, taking long walks to cool off in the turquoise ocean and spend hours sitting in their favorite little restaurant reading and chatting.

When Emilia first thought about designing a summer dress, she wanted to create the perfect flowing, airy summer vibe. She chose light fabric to represent the lightness that you feel when on holiday. The perfect dress for the walking on the beach, exploring the island or sipping cocktails as the sun sets.

Aya dress

With this dress we want to remind you to take a pause, to enjoy beautiful sunsets and a sumptuous dinner with friends or just a stroll along the beach. It's a reminder to smile and dream 🤍 It's a reminder of your personal version of the Greek island holiday.

In whatever way you style this dress, you will always look elegantly relaxed. Wearing this dress will make you walk a little more upright and just make you feel beautiful. Enjoy your summer dream ☀️