The Story of Our Anna Tee & Reinet Sweatshirt

Small note on The Sweatshirt

We love having small and powerful reminders everywhere, be it on our bathroom mirror, sticky notes around the house (even inside the fridge) or in our journal or planner. On these reminders we put quotes we have seen or heard somewhere, empowering messages we want to remind ourselves with or just a small nudge to ourselves that pops up in our calendar every day. 

That is why we decided to have a small note for you on all our pieces. This could be just one word hidden somewhere just for you to know or something more obvious like a bigger print to remind yourself and the world of an important message.

The Print on our Tee and Sweatshirt

The print for our Anna Tee and our Reinet Sweatshirt was the first one Emilia designed when she decided she wants to start this brand. Her inspiration came from her book It's Your Life and her favorite holiday. 

The Reason for the Print on the Tee and Sweatshirt

Ever since she had been to South Africa for the first time many years ago and watched cheetah’s play and hunt together she loved these proud, quiet, confident and fast animals. She loved their looks but she was especially intrigued by their quiet confidence. As this brand is all about confidence and feeling confident on the inside she knew that her very first T-Shirt print had to have a cheetah on it. This cheetah knows it’s her life and she does whatever she wants. Be your own style of cheetah, grab your life and go after your dreams 🤍 

Reinet Sweatshirt - It's My Life - EMILIA OHRTMANN | SWEATSHIRTS