How To Build A Capsule Collection

We've all been there...standing, staring at our clothing, wondering what to wear today. Getting dressed takes hours of contemplation and planning.

So what if you could pop into your closet and pick an outfit in a few seconds? A perfectly comfortable and stylish look that puts a smile on your face and makes you feel confident and chic?

Keep watching because that's possible with our list.

Wardrobe Essentials That Every Cupboard Needs

Wardrobe essentials save time and give you confidence - what every women needs:

  1. The White Shirt 
  2. The Black Trousers
  3. The Tank Top
  4. The Everywhere - Everyday Cardigan
  5. Black Dress
  6. Shorts
  7. Oversized Shirt
  8. Black Skirt
  9. Summer Dress
  10. Blazer
  11. Jeans

We hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks on how to build your essential capsule wardrobe collections. 

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